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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning in 21st Century

How Online Learning Has Changed New Normal Education

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning – Alapan 1 Elementary School

What is Online Learning?

Here, the most talked word of the year “online” or “digital” or “remote” has revamped the business, routine life, health, and education system. People have reached the point of judgement that online is the new normal now, nothing more. The technology existed even before, learning management was still doing well, computers and mobile applications were still being used. So, what is so changed now? 

The education system is empowered now. It is remotely interactive now. Learning has become Experimental now. Responsibilities get multiplied each day. Advanced technology and learning tools are shared amongst learners now.

Moreover, online learning has opened plenty of opportunities, coming via technical sources. People from behind the gadgets can sit along with their kids while embracing home-like learning.


What are the timely advantages/disadvantages of Online Learning?

Customized Learning

Face Monday test, Friday test, weekly test, and monthly test are perceived to be a monotonous process. It was uneven for every student. Preparing for exams, sitting in a row, a long-drawn wait for results is what became irregular now. Education is no longer dependent on one way of teaching method. It is what became personalized. Teachers, keeping in mind facilitates the teaching methods as per students’ core learning skills. With the approach, the link between students and teachers grows in an upward spiral motion. 

Personalized learning is possible through the integrated process like that of Learning Management systems that have been doing well in schools and institutions. From primary to higher, from curriculum-based to examination-based, content is prepared as per the needs of students.

Efficient resources curated school curriculum, quality content printed in education books that are designed by recognized digital publishing companies.

Integrated Learning

Learners sitting anywhere around the world can imbibe much better learning gadgets. Academics are fun-learning. Live calls with instructors are one such collaborative medium of communication. Learning together enhances a wide array of growth and development. Reading through graphs and diagrams is interactive. Critically based problems can be taught easily through machine learning software at online learning platforms. The learning experience is unique for both students and learners here.

Technology brings opportunities, in the case, where hundreds of e-publishing companies are open to digital opportunities.

Flexible Learning

Learning is awesome if it’s could be performed anytime, anywhere. Learning is remote just like your portable gadgets at home. Laptops, iPad, tablets, and even learning are accessible on mobile phones, making the learning experience much more flexible. The journey from classrooms to mobile phones is a milestone one. All these tools play an integral role in students’ learning growth if used wisely. Not only vital for learners but also a far-reaching tool for teachers in digital classrooms. They can simply use them to conduct quizzes, profile-review, e-book-review, discover digital publishing solutions (for teachers) multiple activities together, etc.

I never wondered before that mobile phones could be used as a source of learning other than entertainment, calling & messaging. Moreover, students adapt skills in managing devices, software, and apps through AI advancement.

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