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Classroom Observation (COT) Lesson Plan Grade 6 (Quarter 2)

COT Lesson Plan Quarter 2

Classroom Observation Teaching (COT) is an essential part of quality assurance in the education sectors especially in the Department of Education. This process ensures the competitiveness of our teachers and address the unseen shortcomings in the implementation of the K-12 Basic Education Curriculum. Classroom Observation consists of 3 vital stages, pre-COT conference, actual classroom observation and post-COT conference. At all times, rater and ratee must have clear communication regarding the preparation and implementation of this classroom observation. However, preparing for COT, for some teachers, are not too easy and might need technical assistance. In that sense, we had collected here some of the ready-made Classroom Observation (COT) Lesson Plan and Powerpoint for Grade 6 (Quarter 2).

Download Classroom Observation (COT) Lesson Plan for Grade 6 (Quarter 2)

To help teachers ease their preparation for Classroom Observation (COT) for Quarter 2, here the free ready-made lesson plan:

Classroom Observation (COT) Lesson Plan for Grade 6 (Quarter 2)

General Guideline for Classroom Observation

All classroom observations for performance evaluation purposes shall be scheduled in advance. The Ratee must be informed of the schedule at least three (3) working days before the classroom observation.

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In case unforeseen circumstances and fortuitous events that are outside the control of the schools (such as natural or man-made calamities or disasters, lockdowns, etc.), concerned schools may be allowed to deviate from the prescribed timeline of conducting classroom observations; provided that requests in relation thereto shall be subject for approval of the Schools Division Superintendent; provided further, that all applicable classroom observation modes are exhausted prior to submitting the request.

The average rating of the classroom observations done across quarters shall constitute the final rating for each COI. Additional classroom observations may be conducted for purposes of technical assistance to teachers to improve their teaching practice. However, classroom observations conducted for technical assistance purposes will not be a factor in the determination of a Ratee’s performance rating. The purpose or objective of the observation shall be clearly stated prior to any scheduled classroom observation.

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